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Whilst our main forte is in particularly sought after pocket watches from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, we also source specimen watches of all types to our clients' specifications on a no commitment basis.

Swiss world time watch with six individual dials and subsidiary seconds dial.  Gun metal case. Circa 1910

English double case verge with champleve dial.  Enamel plaque on inner case, by Viet of London. Verge movement with pierced cock.  Circa 1700.

French gold Hunter fob watch, verge escapement.  Blue enamel both sides, encircled with pearls. Circa 1785.

French/Swiss double case gold verge watch, repousse outer, white enamel dial.  Jn. Levin of London.  Movement with verge escapement, pierced cock, movement signed. Circa 1770.

French gold case quarter repeater. Silver Breguet style dial, by Cardinaue of Paris.  Movement with double wheel duplex escapement and skeletonised bridges. Circa 1815.

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