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Decorative Clocks (continued)

A French oval brass four glass mantel clock, last quarter of the 19th.century, .with visible escapement.
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Atmos clock. This self winding clock with a torsion pendulum; by Jaeger-le-Coultre.  Circa 1960

A mystery clock, this French model with a bronzed figure supporting and impulsing the pendulum, in a marble case.  Circa 1880.

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A malachite inlay black marble calendar mantle clock with Brocot visible escapement and jewelled pallets, bell striking movement signed Brocot. The calendar dial with moonphase and has sidereal time. (The sidereal day is the time of one complete revolution of the Earth relative to the first point of Aries, or the spring equinox.)  Circa 1880

A double fusee lantern clock by The Goldsmith and Silversmith Co., circa 1900.

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