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Decorative Clocks

Added 17th February 2004A fantastic large black marble clock with bronze figure standing 42" high. This clock has a conical pendulum that swings in a circle.  Circa 1870

Added 17th February 2004An Art Deco clock set in the shape of a car

Added 17th February 2004A carved oak 8 bell treble fusee bracket clock. 23" tall.  Circa 1880

A very fine French four glass clock in a bronze bamboo type case. Circa 1900

Good quality Ship's clock by Prescot.  With a single fusee movement.  Circa 1880

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Added 17th February 2004A late 19th century boule clock (above) and an oval four glass (below). Part of a collection of decorative clocks
From 750

Added 17th February 2004A second half 19th.century ormolu mounted marble lyre clock with swinging paste set bezel. 22" high

This attractive picture clock was made in the English Midlands circa 1850.  The painting is on metal and was executed by dial painters.  The movement is fusee with a drive to the windmill.

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